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The Trailhead Conference refers to an attendee as an “explorer”. This symbolically matches with

St. Louis (Gateway to the west), and we think that the idea of seeking out new opportunities is better than a “pivot”.

A pivot implies you must turn from something and turn to something else. But maybe

that’s not the experience that’s needed. Maybe just something additional that’s added in. So, these seekers are exploring.

They’re looking for something. They may not know exactly what it is, but they

want to find new ways of looking for something.

So – they come to a trail. They find the start of that trail, and they realize that they don’t know exactly where it’s going to go. But they set off on a new journey anyway. They don’t have to leave everything they knew behind. In fact, they take their past, their history, their life with them. But they have something new to explore, to see what’s available, that they might not have know about before.

They don’t need to know exactly what they want at the end of their life (have a map) but they’d like to see

what’s available.

Strategic Partners 

Strategic Partners agree to work with The Trailhead Conference and share intellectual resources. This agreement is formalized by contacting The Conference Team and making arrangements to be a partner. 

This type of partnership aims to help both parties accomplish their goals and be a prominent representative at the conference. If you are seeking other options (such as the opportunity to present a conference session, this is the choice for you!


Want to build valuable connections with business owners and professionals in St. Louis, from school systems and universities, show your support for The Trailhead Conference, and reinforce your presence in the city? Become a sponsor for the First Annual Trailhead Conference and join us at the beautiful Heart of St. Charles in September!

Have any questions?  Please contact LaShana, of The Trailhead Conference Team, at