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These sessions will provide attendees with new things to consider as they pursue a first, or second, or third, career. More than simply selling their own services, these presenters are providing an avenue for attendees to explore and see just what might be in store for them if they’re not satisfied where they work or how they earn money.

  1. No need to move! How to be a good employee where you are.

  2. How to start your own side-hustle.

  3. Resume help / “Personal branding” for those who do want to move on but feel stuck.

  4. What it means to be an entrepreneur

    1. Startups

    2. Franchises

  5. Direct Sales

  6. Freelance

    1. Within your current industry

    2. Starting over (?)

  7. Mentoring pros and cons

  8. Adult education / certification options

    1. Online

    2. Traditional MBA (would love to have someone give 20 minutes of a real MBA-style lecture, so participants can “try it before they buy it”)

    3. Not just BA(BS)/MA(MS)/PhD(JD): Alternative certifications

  9. “I never knew that was a thing!” sessions