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These sessions and presenters will discuss activities that can be used to re-connect with lost spiritual beliefs, explore new ones, or just understand the broader picture of the world. Perhaps even decide to go deeper into one subject area or another with additional training or knowledge.

  1. How to study / review / explore; why it matters

  2. How to “come out” to a family or friend group when you’ve had a religious conversion / falling away.

  3. Traditional, well-known world religions

    1. Christianity (Catholic / Protestant / Evangelical)

    2. Islam

    3. Judaism

    4. Buddhism

    5. Hinduism

  4. Less-well-known

    1. Sikh

    2. Shinto (Asian)

    3. totemic (Native American, etc.)

  5. “Spiritual, but not ‘religious’”

  6. Agnosticism / skepticism / “hard questions”

  7. None – and why it seems to matter more to those who are religious than to those who aren’t.

  8. “Convert Me” – a debate between Side A and Side B (who knows which sides these will be?)