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Stephan Mathys: Founder & CEO

Stephan Mathys is a former actuary, rugby player, novelist, and visitor to the Taj Mahal. He's done a little bit of everything, including running around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, adopting a child, and winning a writing contest in third grade.


His mid-life "challenge" (not a crisis!) started at age 37, when, within 6 months, he had 4 major life changes happen in succession: his car died on the highway, his faith died in the pew, his career died in the cubicle, and his marriage died in the nursing home.


Since then he's been on his own exploration journey, including moving to a new city, starting a new job, starting new relationships, bicycling 100 kilometers for the first time ever, and becoming an accidental entrepreneur. He is proud to be part of the team presenting the Trailhead Conference to other seekers, helping them realize they're not alone during this time when they're trying to figure out what they want to say to the world, and how they want to say it.


He can be reached at or 1-833-TRAIL HC (833-872-4542)

LaShana Simmons: Event Coordinator

LaShana owner and event specialist extraordinaire, is very innovative and has a trendsetting personality. She is a very dedicated and passionate event planner as well as the founder of Elle Affair, an event planning agency. LaShana has over ten years’ experience in event planning and design with an eclectic flair for creativity and elegance that has distinguished her company among other competitors with hosting, coordinating, and designing. She is a very detail-oriented professional who glosses her abilities in event creation, planning and execution.

LaShana is well known for her impeccable presentation, personalized, services and exquisite design.  Whether it’s an intimate affair for 2 or a gala for 222, LaShana has proven her talents can please her clients. She always strives to ensure her clients have stress-free planning experiences and certifies that the event exceeds anything imaginable. While she is well recognized for her expert touch and signature skill in making fantasy reality, LaShana can work within any budget regardless of the event and always deliver spectacular results. Under pressure LaShana has proven she becomes a diamond, she is polished under pressure which is evident in her quick witted thinking, and problem-solving capabilities.

LaShana has always been passionate about her craft and dedicated to her clients. Let Elle Affair cover your next event with their superb prowess.

(314) 730-4030

Mahdiah Atkins: Marketing Director

Mahdiah is an artist and President & CEO of MahLife Media Agency. 

MahLife Media Agency is a superior company founded in 2015, specializing in crafting electrifying experiences for clients within the entertainment, sports and business/lifestyle industries. We provide exemplary customer services to clients of all calibers as a one-stop shop for their marketing, branding, photography, business solution, and entertainment/media needs. 


We elevate your business to the next level by increasing exposure through digital platforms, publications, and predominate media outlets. We help to define your brand and create a campaign to sell the best of your business to the world.


MahLife Media Agency takes pride in working with a very diverse  group of big brands and various clients, including SwypeSecurity cyber security company, 100 Black Men, Personal Touches by Jeanetta, Elle Affair Event Planning, Habitat For Neighborhood Business, Black Horse Entertainment and The Spa Den. We also have provided marketing and campaign services to companies internationally.Our motto is that “ no job is too big or too small to increase exposure for the success of your business.

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